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Why Meditate

The benefits of having a consistent meditation and mindfulness practice have been widely known for thousands of years and are now well documented by modern, scientific research. Doctors and health and wellness experts are advocating, now more than ever, for us to prioritize and incorporate meditation and mindfulness into our days to: relieve and be more resilient to stress and anxiety, strengthen our immune system, get the rest we deeply need, foster healthy relationships, and break free from addictions and unwanted habits and establish new ones that support our purpose and wellbeing.

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Why Individualized Coaching

To achieve the full benefits of meditation it is best to meditate everyday. To meditate every day, it's important to cultivate a practice that you look forward to, enjoy and are enriched by and that suits and celebrates your unique being and needs. You're not going to want to meditate if your practice feels like a chore or a drag.

Meditation is not "one size fits all." What works for someone else might not work for you and vice versa. After getting to know you, your goals and desires from your practice, Rob will offer custom tailored techniques, styles and guided mediations to practice with, as well as help you identify where and how you are already finding moments of spontaneous meditation in your life, and work with what already is working for you.  

You want to look forward to your practice in the same way you would anything else that excites you and makes you feel alive, nourished and connected. Rob can help you save time, energy and money by avoiding the pitfalls, preconceived notions and detrimental effects of a meditation practice that isn’t meant for you. Rob takes the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, unique nature, desires and goals. Using his years of experience and training in a multitude of techniques and modalities, Rob will work with you to find a practice you love and that loves you back. 

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“Rob has the rare trifecta that will benefit anyone he works with: authenticity, wisdom, and compassion. He exudes authenticity because he’s been there, whether struggling with anxiety or transforming his physical health from the inside out. His wisdom is born from his own deep work in overcoming adversity in his own life; and his compassion naturally emerges when bringing together his embodied wisdom with his meditation studies and practice.”

Dr. Judson Brewer - Internationally known expert in mindfulness training, Director of Research and Innovation at the Mindfulness Center at Brown University and author of The Craving Mind.

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About Rob

Rob Suhoza is Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, Instinctive Meditation Teacher, Radiance Sutras Faculty Member and Qualified Habit Change Facilitator with Dr. Judson Brewer, who works with people privately and in groups, workshops and retreats around the globe. He has been trained and certified by, and continues to study with some of the world’s foremost teachers, researchers and authors on meditation and mindfulness. Rob’s client base is comprised of people of all ages and walks of life who seek his expertise, professionalism and compassion in beginning a healthy and enriched meditation practice custom tailored for their unique nature, who are thriving and seek more depth and excitement from their current practice and life, and who are looking for a healthy way to mitigate stress. People who suffer from severe anxiety and panic and who have unwanted habits and addictions they’d like to break specifically seek help from Rob as he is familiar with these challenges on a deeply personal level. Rob has used his education and training with these challenges to free himself from chronic anxiety and panic and is now living a life in line with his purpose, enjoying more freedom and joy, and gratefully and successfully helping others do the same.

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